Setting an away message for your email


Just in case you go on vacation or you are busy

Did you ever want to go on vacation but still let your clients know your in business or your away on vacation?

We can do this in our control panel by setting up an AUTORESPONDER

The first thing you do is log in to your control panel

1: open a web browser and navigate to:

Please replace “” with the domain that you own.

2: Next enter in your username and password (this was supplied to you by when you first set up hosting. (if you do not have this, please send an email to: and request your password.

3: Click on the MAIL ICON when in the control panel

4: Click on Auto-Responders

5: Click on Add Auto-responder (at the bottom)

6: Enter in the email address you want to automatically respond when someone emails it

7: Enter in the From: email address

8: In the BODY field, type in your message.  It may look something like this.

Hello, this is NAME HERE and I am on vacation until DATE HERE.  Please leave a messsage.

9: Click on Create/Modify

Your done!

Now feel free to test the auto responder by emailing it.  It should send you the response.

Remember to delete the autoresponder when you get back from vacation by following all the steps above, and on step 5, just choose DELETE to delete the auto response.

- Frynge Staff

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Boxtrapper Help

This article tells about boxtrapper and how it can help you. All boxtrapper does, is make sure the person emailing you is a live person. This cuts down on automated spam, which could reduce your spam in your inbox by 95%.

1: How can I set up boxtrapper

2: How Does Boxtrapper work? (what is your white list and black list)

3: How Do I change my verification email?

4: Why would you want to edit your verification email?

5: How do I set boxtrapper for anyone at a domain or automated things like paypal?

6: Boxtraper log :: How do I find out who is awaiting verification?

7: How do I review my log?



How do I set up Boxtrapper?

What you do is log in to your control panel. This information was provided to you, when you signed up for hosting. To access the control panel quickly, just type:

1: Log in to control panel

2: Enter your username and password

3: After you log in, click on the MAIL ICON

4: Go to the bottom and click on Boxtrapper Spam Trap

5: Click on Manage next to the email address you want to add Boxtrapper on. Remember, you should have already created an email address.

6: Click the Enable button

At this point you can
- Configure Settings
- Edit Confirmation Messages
- Edit Forward/White/Black/Ignore Lists
- Review Log
- Review Queue
Some edit the confirmation message and put in what they want to say to prospective clients. And some start adding accepted people to thier White list. Its up to you.



How does it work?
Anyone on your WHITE LIST can mail you.
Anyone on your BLACKLIST can’t email you.
To get on your white list, all you do is simply email the person with boxtrapper set on. You will quickly get a return VERIFICATION email back asking you to click REPLY and SEND. As soon as someone does that, they are on your WHITELIST.
This cuts down all automated spam from fake emails and from automatic email programs.

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How do I change my verification email?
1: Log in to your control panel

2: Click on the MAIL ICON

3: Click on Boxtrapper Spam Trap

4: If boxtrapper inst enabled on the email address, please click ENABLE. If it is enabled, please click MANAGE


6: On the verify field click EDIT

It should say something like this….
To: %email%

Subject: Your email requires verification verify#%msgid%
The message you sent requires that you verify that you

are a real live human being and not a spam source.
To complete this verification, simply reply to this message and leave

the subject line intact.
The headers of the message sent from your address are show below:

You can edit any part of that and put it in your own words.
After you have finished editing, click the save button at the bottom.
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Why would you want to edit your verification email?
Some people want to put their name and company at the bottom.

Some want to reword the top part to tell people to click REPLY and SEND, to verify the email.
Its entirely up to you.
After someone is on your white list, they can mail you forever, unless you put them on your black list.
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I sent out a bunch of emails. How do I anticipate who would email me?
You can do this in two ways, you can just make another email in the control panel and not have boxtrapper turned on, or you can try this method submitted by a client below.

“I wanted to use the Box Trapper but could not anticipate who would email my site. I had recently emailed a large group of politicians and was unsure who would even acknowledge my existence. With the Box Trapper on, they would have to also go through this hoop and I knew many would not find the message to acknowledge that they were real until it was too late.
My first step was to go to the account in question and click on “manage”
I then clicked on “edit forward/ white/black/ignore lists”
I went into “edit white list”
I added the domain that I wanted all mail accepted from.
In this case is was so I simply typed in “from parl\.gc\.ca
And pressed “save” at the bottom of the list. Now any government address would come through.
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Checking the log to see who has sent email to the boxtrapper and is awaiting verification.
My next step was to check the log to see who had already sent mail.
I went into “Log Review”
From there I could find people I knew and add them to my white list manually. Their emails would then be allowed in without them responding but it would take a few days before their pending emails would come through.
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Review Queue (Best tool of all)

I pressed this link. It showed me all of the messages that were waiting for replies from people for today’s date. I could also scroll back to prior days to see if there were any important emails sitting waiting for a reply. If I found an email that I recognized, I would then click on the email in question by “checking” the “select” button beside the email in question. I would then go to the bottom of the page and click on the button that said “white list and deliver”. Finally I would press “submit” when I had looked at the entire day and found all of the emails that I knew were not spam or viruses. The emails would be immediately sent to my inbox and the person who be put on my white list without having to respond to my Box Trapper email.
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How to access Webmail and your Cpanel quickly.

How to access Webmail and your Cpanel quickly.

To access your Control Panel (cpanel) just type in your domain name plus /cpanel

Like this:

We do have webmail at

You access your webmail by doing this

You can also access WEBMAIL from inside your cpanel. Just click on the mail icon and then click on webmail.

You have three choices. I now like HORDE. It has a CALENDAR built in as well as an address book and many other nice features. Its a very nice stable webmail.

Again to access your webmail, just go to your domain and type


When you use webmail it counts as storage on your server. So if you have a 20 meg account and you have 15 megs in your webmail, than you can only receive 5 megs left in your email. Or you can only upload 5 more megs to your account.

So keep your webmail clean.

When you use normal pop3 email, it removes it right off the server immediately, which does not take up your space on your hosting account, just on your hard drive.

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Where is my hosting space going?

Find out where your hosting space is going on our servers.

Inside CPANEL, there is an ICON called DISK USAGE. Log in to your hosting control panel and click on the disk usage icon.

This will show you what folders, have all the files and how much is inside of them.

If you click on the top left button called SHOW PARENT DIRECTORIES – it will give you a listing of where every file is located on your server and how much its taking up.

Another quick trick to check how much your email is taking up, is to log on to CPANEL.

Then all you do is click on the MAIL ICON – then click on “Manage/Add/Remove Accounts”

Then you click on SHOW DISK SPACE USED. This gives you an idea of where everything is going and how much email your site is storing.

If you do run out of space and its not sending you email, you can always log in to webmail.

Log in to web mail like this

You can enter your control panel passwords to enter in the main account or you can log in to each individual email account.  If you do log in to a specific email account, you have to enter your full email address for your username and your password.  You can then delete emails or clear out your space if needed.

- Frynge Staff

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