Where is my hosting space going?

Find out where your hosting space is going on our Frynge.com servers.

Inside CPANEL, there is an ICON called DISK USAGE. Log in to your hosting control panel and click on the disk usage icon.

This will show you what folders, have all the files and how much is inside of them.

If you click on the top left button called SHOW PARENT DIRECTORIES – it will give you a listing of where every file is located on your server and how much its taking up.

Another quick trick to check how much your email is taking up, is to log on to CPANEL.

Then all you do is click on the MAIL ICON – then click on “Manage/Add/Remove Accounts”

Then you click on SHOW DISK SPACE USED. This gives you an idea of where everything is going and how much email your site is storing.

If you do run out of space and its not sending you email, you can always log in to webmail.

Log in to web mail like this


You can enter your control panel passwords to enter in the main account or you can log in to each individual email account.  If you do log in to a specific email account, you have to enter your full email address for your username and your password.  You can then delete emails or clear out your space if needed.

- Frynge Staff

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