Badware warning in googles search!!

Here is a testimonial from a client who had a problem with a Badware warning in googles search. A client noticed a link at the bottom of the search under her website, saying that there was harmful software on her site, when it was clearn there was not.

Google Search Badware problem

Google Search was showing my site was dangerous. If someone tried to go to my site, Google blocked it.

When Google blocked it, there was a suggestion to click on the problem for more info.
Clicking on it – suggested the owner check out

I went to the Badware link and then I did (pointlessly) all the things they asked (lots of clicking and reading).
INSTEAD – MY ADVICE IS TO start by seeing if the site is listed in the badware warehouse.

Then, knowing that it was not listed, I requested a review.

That’s it. By the time I got the reply that there was nothing found, Google Search had stopped blocking my site,

I’d love it if this helps anyone else. This was not pleasant – it made me look unprofessional to have a site that Google “warned” people about and refused to connect them to.

Deborah Barry

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