Control Panel: File Manager Help

FILE MANAGER in the Control panel.

The File manager in our control panel, is an easy way for you to modify (edit) and upload to your website, without any extra programs or html web knowledge.

How to log in to it

- Log in to your control panel this way

(insert your domain in the “”
Then click on the FILE MANAGER ICON.

Here are some tips to use it

1: You will see a little yellow folder and a file name next to it. If you click on the name of the folder, or the folder icon itself, they do different things.

- Clicking on the folder icon goes *inside* the folder (moves around the web pages).

- Clicking on the folder name or file name, will pop up a window in the top right corner and will display what you can do to the folder or file. (appears in the top right of your screen) If its a file, you can edit the file with our WORD DOCUMENT STYLE editor (WYSIWYG editor) If its a folder name you have clicked on, you can rename, delete it etc.

2: When you first enter the file manager, all files must be in the “public_html” folder (this is where your website is stored)

- Clicking on the public_html folder goes INSIDE the folder. Clicking on the public_html link or name, will allow you to change it in some way.

Here is a quick guide of how to use the WYSIWYG editor – click here

How to upload to your site

If you want to upload to your site, just log in to the control panel -> file manager, go in to the public_html folder, and pick a folder you want to upload to. There will be an upload button in the middle left of every screen. Browse the file you want to upload and then click upload.

Make sure if the file you’re uploading alreadyexists, that you click on OVERWRITE existing file. :)

- Frynge Staff

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