Having trouble sending emails?

If you are having trouble receiving emails with our hosting account, and your main ISP (Internet Service Provider) is SHAW, or TELUS, they sometimes force you to use their OUTGOING SMTP SERVER in order to curtail spam.

What do you do?

You simple enter their server in to your OUTGOING SMTP server area. This changes from time to time, so please call your ISP and find out what their latest OUTGOING SMTP server is. At the time of writing this, here is the outgoing for SHAW and TELUS.

SHAW: (this is calgarys outgoing)


You may need to enter in another outgoing for other areas of canada, if you do not live in Calgary. If this it the case, click on the link below, to find your outgoing smtp, for your area.

Click here to find your outgoing server from shaw

Frynge Staff

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