How do I access Control Panel or Webmail?

How to access Webmail and your Cpanel quickly.

To access your Control Panel (cpanel) just type in your domain name plus /cpanel

Like this:

We do have webmail at

You access your webmail by doing this

You can also access WEBMAIL from inside your cpanel. Just click on the mail icon and then click on webmail.

You have three choices. I now like HORDE. It has a CALENDAR built in as well as an address book and many other nice features. Its a very nice stable webmail.

Again to access your webmail, just go to your domain and type


When you use webmail it counts as storage on your server. So if you have a 20 meg account and you have 15 megs in your webmail, than you can only receive 5 megs left in your email. Or you can only upload 5 more megs to your account.

So keep your webmail clean.

When you use normal pop3 email, it removes it right off the server immediately, which does not take up your space on your hosting account, just on your hard drive.

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