How to delete things in file manager

How to delete things in file manager

This is how you delete things in your file manager. First if you do not feel confident or know what you’re doing, it would probably be wise to just upgrade your hosting account.

If you do feel comfortable, please back up your web site first before doing anything.

After backing things up, log in to your control panel.

To log in you will need the password and username that was provided to you, when you first signed up for hosting.


After logging in to the control panel, find out where all your space is going, by reading this article.

After you have found out where your space is going, or what you need to delete, from your control panel click on FILE MANAGER icon.

The little yellow folders allow you to navigate through the listings. When you click on them, they go in to the folders. If you click on the name beside the folder, you will see a menu appear in the top right. This will allow you to delete the folder, rename and a host of other things.

Also if you want to edit a file, you just click on the name of the file and a menu comes up to the right, which allows you to edit, delete, rename the file.

- Frynge Staff

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