How to find out if my email is full

Log in to control panel

Replace “” with the domain you own.Â

- click on mail
- click on Add/Remove/Manage Accounts
- click on show diskspace used

This will give you a display of all your emails with the space that each email is taking up on our server (this counts towards your webspace)


NAME SPACE USED QUOTA 25.78 M 30.00 M 8.13 M 10.00 M

It shows there…. that is filling up 25.78 megs of the 30 meg quota limit and is filling up 8.13 megs of the 10 meg quota it has.

To clean the space, you need to log in to that email through outlook and it automatically removes it off our server. If your using webmail, remember that any messages you leave on the server, count towards your quota. So to clean them up, you must delete them from webmail.


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