Link Programs – Gathering links manually or Automatically

 Link Programs – Gathering links manually or Automatically


There are two ways to gather links

1: you have a links program installed on your site…

this is one of the easiest ways, but costs money.  Look here

You send anyone who wants to link to you, to that page on your site.  You can also add them in manually.  This is a way you can alter your own site and add links.  Also in the admin panel in the back end, you can click on the CHECK LINKS and this goes to each and every page to make sure that the other person didnt secretly delete their links. 

We can also install a page rank checker.  This tells you if you should be linking to that person.  If they have a low page rank and you have a high one, chances are, you do not want to link to them.  If you have a low page rank, and they have a high one, it will benefit you more… so you want to link to the right people.

BENEFITS of this automated program
- its automatic and lets you alter your website without any web design knowledge (you alter your site from a webpage)
- it has a checker in the back end, that allows you to check if someone has deleted your link.  It will then delete thier link on your site.
- the user can add their own link.  So they find your page and do the work for you.  You get an email with them telling you they have added a link on your site.  You can then decide if you want to delete it or keep it up, depending on factors such as thier page rank, how many links they have on their site and the content on their site

- you need to be able to install php files on your server (you can check with your own host and ask them “can i run php files”  If you can, you can install this package.
- its automatic, so you have to watch your email for people adding links.  Some try to add links and their sites are garbage and you do not want to link to garbage sites, but you can go in there and delete their links by clicking the X next to their link.
- cost – it costs to install the pacakge ($50.00 for the links program and $25.00 if you want the page rank program)

How to use it

Someone adds a link
- Just look at the link. Go to the admin panel.  Click CHECK LINKS to make sure they have added a link back to you, on their site.  The program will seek out the page and verify.  If they havent, it automatically deletes their link on your page.
- you can then take their linking page and enter this in to your page rank checker.  This will tell you their google page rank.  This is very important.  If they have 0 google page rank, they may be a spammer.  If you link to them, it may hurt your page rank and not help it.  If you have a page rank of about 3, then its smart to only let people who have a page rank of 3 or higher, to link to you.
- if they have over 50 to 100 links on their link page, it does you no good.   So you should manually check the page to make sure that they are not spamming too many links on their page.  If they have 100 links, it delivers you almost no page rank and breaks googles rules.  So you click the X and delete their link.

If you find a site and want to reciprocal link
- all you do is go to our link manager admin panel and then add a link and tell it where they have linked to you.  That easy
- you can then click CHECK LINKS from time to time, to make sure they are still linking to you.  Its a great system

If you would like to order the link manager or the page rank check or both, please contact frynge support and we can see if your host supports these programs.
2: the other way to gather links is manually
You go out to people on the net and say… would you like to trade links?  You can also do this with the link manager above.  Just manually talk to people and say “  I really like your site, and I was wondering if you want to link back to each other?”

If they say yes, you have to know how to add a link to your page.  This takes web design knownledge, probably a web design program like front page or dreamweaver and an FTP client.  You create a link page, and then add links through HTML.  You then upload your site via FTP program.  This is how I alter your site for advertising.

You may go out to someone on the net (find them in the search engines) and say this.


I own YOUR WEBSITE HERE and I was looking at your website.   You have great content and an excellent site and I think that linking to each other would help both of our sites.  Would you like to create a reciprocal link (and link back to each other) on our websites.  Not only will it give each other a bit of traffic but will help in our page rank as well.

My site is:  YOUR SITE HERE

Let me know if you are intersted.


You have to send out tons of these emails.  You may not get many responses but over time this is how you build your page rank.  The higher your page rank, the better and higher your listings go up in the search engines.

Before you ask someone to link, you should always check their page rank, to make sure you should be linking to them.  You should also make sure their site is in your general area of theme.

Example:  my website is web design, so I do not want to link to gambling sites, or car sites, only things that have to do with web design, hosting, advertising, creating databases, computers etc…  try to stay in your own field.
- it costs no money
- you have full control

- you have to manually check the links to make sure they didnt secretly delete them.  This can be time consuming when you have alot of links.
- you need to know web design knowledge (HTML) and FTP to be able to alter your site.

If your interested in trying to install a links manager and page rank checker, let me know


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