Setting an Away message in email


Just in case you go on vacation or you are busy


Did you ever want to go on vacation but still let your clients know your in business or your away on vacation?

We can do this in our control panel by setting up an AUTORESPONDER

The first thing you do is log in to your control panel

1: open a web browser and navigate to:

Please replace “” with the domain that you own.

2: Next enter in your username and password (this was supplied to you by when you first set up hosting. (if you do not have this, please send an email to: and request your password.

3: Click on the MAIL ICON when in the control panel

4: Click on Auto-Responders

5: Click on Add Auto-responder (at the bottom)

6: Enter in the email address you want to automatically responde when someone emails it

7: Enter in the From: email address

8: In the BODY field, type in your message.  It may look something like this.

Hello, this is NAME HERE and I am on vacation until DATE HERE.  Please leave a messsage.

9:  Click on Create/Modify

Your done.


Now feel free to test the autoresponder by emailing it.  It should send you the response.

Remember to delete the autoresponder when you get back from vacation by following all the steps above, and on step 5, just choose DELETE to delete the auto response.

- Staff

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