Setting up email

QUICK NOTE:If your ISP is Telus or Shaw, they sometimes block their users from using outside email SMTP, you may not be able to SEND MAIL. If you are having problems sending mail, after setting everything up and your ISP is telus or shaw, please set your outgoing SMTP server to: (for telus) and “shawmail” for Shaw wave.


(Microsoft Outlook Express email setup)

Log in to the Control Panel (this was sent to you when you hosted with us)

REPLACE YOURDOMAIN.COM with the domain you registered with us

| UserName: (enter in your username that you were provided when you hosted with us)
| PassWord: (enter in your password that you were provided when you hosted with us)

- Click on the MAIL ICON.
- Click on ADD ACCOUNT

Now enter just the name you want for the email account.


If you want

Enter in dave
and set a password

After setting up emails in the control panel, you need to set up your microsoft outlook or email program


1: Click on the outlook express icon and load email
2: Click on FILE menu up top, then click on Identities and choose ADD NEW IDENTITY
3: Enter in your profile name (the name you want to call the account)
4: Enter in your display name (what you want people to see you as, when you mail them)
5: Enter in your server information

POP3 incoming should be set to: YOURDOMAIN.COM

REPLACE “” with the domain you have hosted at the Frynge.

For username use:
Enter in your password.

After you have done this you are almost done. Finish up and save your settings. Then you must set authentication.

Go to:

TOOLS menu -> ACCOUNTS -> MAIL (click properties) -> SERVERS
Look at the bottom at:

in outgoing mail section at the bottom click -> my server requires authentication

If you can receive emails but not send emails, your ISP may be blocking your access to mail. You need to enter in their SMTP server in the above OUTGOING SMTP box. Take the OUTGOING SMTP server and use this in your new email OUTGOING SMTP server box.


If you have problems sending email and not receiving this is due to 3 possible problems.

1: you have your domain name in the incoming and outgoing and your domain is not yet moved over to us. In this case use the IP address above

2: You do not have authentication set on. In microsoft outlook express, go to TOOLS – ACCOUNTS – MAIL tab – choose the server in the white box and click on PROPERTIES. Click on the SERVERS tab and at the bottom make sure MY SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION at the bottom in the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER area (make sure its clicked and don’t bother with the settings button.

3: Your ISP may be blocking sending emails through their server. If you have tried both options above and it still doesnt work, please contact your ISP and ask them for their OUTGOING SMTP server. Take our outgoing smtp server out and put your ISP’s outgoing smtp server in the same place

The most common problem is with Telus’ hosting. Make sure your outgoing SMTP is set to:
The most commong problem with Shaw is to make sure you use “shawmail” as your outgoing smtp

If you want to access webmail, please go here for directions.

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