Using Front page (Help)

Basic information about publishing with FrontPage.

The access to your personal site is set up by your hosting company. Access to your web space can be either by FTP (File Transfer Protocol), or by HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), or both protocols. If your hosting company utilizes Microsoft’s Frontpage extensions then publication will be simplified by using Microsoft’s publication tools.

NOTE: has Frontpage extensions.

NOTE: Don’t forget to read the email we sent you regarding your hosting setup… BEFORE you publish your site.

Use these tools to publish your site.
Microsoft Frontpage Express, or Microsoft Frontpage
1: Start FrontPage and use the menu option File-Open Web.

2: Now select the location of your web site directory.

For example: C:\program files\xenosoftinc\xpediaweb\WebSite1
The ‘Look In’ box should display your web directory name: WebSite1

3: Click the Open button.
(FrontPage may state that it has to add some information to your site) – (if so click the Yes button)
When your site has loaded, the page names will be visible in the left column.

4: From the menu select File-Publish Web…

5: In the ‘Specify the location to publish your web to:’ box specify your domain as follows:

Specify a domain name like this:

(or .org, .net, .tv, ect.)
(where is your domain name)

Put everything in this directory (folder): public_html
So if your using frontpage, do not put the html files in the root, you have to specifiy the public_html folder

Also your main loader file will default to index.html first. So if you have this file and your working on the default.htm file, it will load the index.html file first.
You can use others, but it will look for this file first.

6: Select ‘Publish all Pages, overwriting any already on the destination’
(This will overwrite any preexisting or old web pages that you have at this location.

NOTE: If you are uncertain of this step contact us for assistance.

7: Click the Publish button.
(Frontpage will now ask you for your User name and Password)
If your User name and Password are accepted then the publication will begin and you will see the publication popup that shows the progress of FrontPage.
NOTE: (frontpage will notify you when the publication is complete)

Your site is now published. You may now view your web site by pointing your browser to your domain name.

Don’t forget to use the Microsoft help for this product as well.

- Frynge Staff

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