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Job: A 3D rendering of a "similar-to-stonehenge" concept with crystal spires surrounding a round platform, with light emanating out of each spire, into the center where it covers and illuminates a person. There is a beam of light entering the person from above and small streams of colored light coming out of the person heading in all directions.

Conceptually it is that the universe is providing the power to fuel the person and the spires augment and direct the energies into making spiritual issues relevant to earth matters. Harmonized frequencies.

I also want to have my name in 3D lettering and the title "Spiritual Discovery Coach" underneath tucked in unobtrusively.

This image had to be done with super high pixels at high resolution so it could be converted in to a print on vinyl at 5 feet by 3 feet.

Bryce Images

This one will fit in your screen - click here for 640 res

Here are the two designs you have

1: Okay here is the first image for your approval. This image has no real alteration to color. The flare is added, small amount of smoke and raised up font. Click on the image for a large blow up of it, in 600 pixels long. This original design is at 300 dpi

First Thumb click to see bigger design

2: This image there is image enhancement. Color was enhanced, fonts are less opaque and large, flare is added with secondary flare (to take care of the blocking you mentioned) and heavy smoke.Click on the image to enlarge

Second image, click to zoom in


Here is your downloadable material - When you click on a link it should ask you where to put it, if it doesn't and just downloads it in to the browser, then just hold down your LEFT SHIFT key before you click and then click the link. It should ask you where you want to save the file.

  • Fonts to add in later if needed
  • First Image in PSD format
  • First Image in TIFF format
  • Second Image in PSD format
  • Second Image in TIFF format

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