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Macromedia Flash websites - animated web design

Looking for a professional custom design solution for your small or large business? It may not cost as much as you think. Have a look through our portfolio and feel free to go to our free quote section and request a quote for your web design project today!
Certified Fraud Examiners

       Certified Fraud Examiners

Do you need a classic animated site for your large or corporate business? We did a great flash design banner for CFE Vancouver, and their back end as well. Consisting of website search engine, fraud examimer database that is fully updateable by our client, as well as other admin functions for their membership. Please feel free to request a quote today, to see how much your project will cost.
Dogs Without Borders Inc

          Dogs Without Borders Inc

We designed a beautiful flash website for Dogs without Borders, a small business located near Calgary Alberta Canada. This is the typical small business flash design and is a great website. Easy to navigate, clean and informative. Make sure you go request a free quote today, if you have any questions on pricing.
Real Estate Flash Web Design

       Capilando Development Corp

Capilano DC is a real estate website that has virtual tours, admin back area (for shareholder news) PDF blueprint layouts and development information for this real estate company. If you're looking for 3D virtual tours, or any other type of real estate flash design and animation, please request a free quote today, to see how much your project will cost.
John Serdar's Flash Web Site

          John Serdar's Flash Web Site

We designed a flash based website for this vancouver real estate company. Very professional and to the point, with Canadian MLS listings and videos of John Serdar. The flash design was a medium level animated banner in a real estate theme. Make sure you go request a free quote today, if you have any questions on pricing.
Custom Flash Web Design

       GeoScientist Flash Design

What we did for this project was an innovative flash web design with customised forums, galleries and much more. You can also view the flash web design banner separate to see what types of sites Frynge can build for you. Please request a free quote today, to see how much your project will cost.
Respawn Gaming Website

          Respawn Gaming Site

We designed an interactive website for Respawn, which is a gaming website and portal. The flash design was an animated banner in a gaming theme. Make sure you go request a free quote today, if you have any questions on pricing.

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More flash designs

Some clients are interested in an animated presentation, that is like watching a commerical. This is what flash is all about. Its quick, its informative and fun to watch, but if done incorrectly can do very bad on the search engines. We have solutions for all our clients needs. We can build you a flash animated site that search engines love, as well as eye candy to your future users. Check out our portfolio below for flash designs and feel free to request a quote at any time. Make sure you mention flash animations if you are interested in our request quotes section.

Flash websites and animations

Northern Lights Realty
This site was fixed resolution as per the clients request. This site also had a flash splash page and a flash menu. Half of the site is flash and half of the site is regular HTML. On the inside, the listings were made so the client can easily change them with Microsoft frontpage and add properties by themselves. They also had the option to make the site fully php enabled so they could alter and add listings through their own website, cutting down on maintenance costs.

View the flash version here

The only feature of the flash version is moving agents.

Relax Me Today
One great feature of a flash site is it will expand as the users resolution expands. Relax me today, is a basic membership site for relaxing sounds and products. The flower was created as a vector graphic and actually blows in the wind. Feel free to look at a version of this flash animated site by clicking here. It will expand depending on your window size, so feel free to play with it.

The Frynge can design your flash site and fix these search engine problems. The benefits of flash are, fast action graphics with impact, smooth interfaces and expanding resolutions. Feel free to request flash in the request a quote section.
Flash website designed for: Avonic Waters
Avonic Waters
This site again is expandable as it was built in flash and autosized. The clients product is bottled water, and wanted a splash screen that was animated and the letters fill up with a cool water, while chemicals float by.

You can check out a version of it, by clicking here. Feel free to play with the screen size and watch it expand.

Most designers will not tell you that a down side to flash is, you may have to build two sites (1 flash and 1 normal html site) and flash also is notorius for bad search engine indexing. If your interested in flash sites, feel free to request flash in the request a quote section.

Flash logos

Flash logo splash page: The Perfect Pad.  Click to see animation Flash logo:  Genier Designs.  Click here to view full animation

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