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Bulk Monitors
Used - New - Tested - AS/IS - we have it all
Monochrome VGA, monochrome, svga, xvga Monitors
Check out our message board and site, that connects you with thousands of bulk wholesalers from around the world. All you have to do is register and you can post ads for free on this site.

NEWEST DEAL: We have over 3900 AS/IS monitors. Our wharehouses are full to the rim. They are from 21" to 14" (15pin, few 9 pin, 350 macintosh (newer models) BNC-VGA - Wyse terminals and much more) Email if your interested.
Used Monochrome VGA Monitors for sale ! *Monochrome 256 colors of black and white* This means they are perfect for business in bulk sums as they are windows 95/98/2000 compliant (you need a minimum of 256 colors to view screen)

Bulk orders available only. We have stock that is fully tested, or untested, you can buy them for CRT's or just ship them right to your customer in bulk. No screen burn, good condition and very dependable. Perfectly working windows 95 compliant monochrome VGA!

We have under 400 units left of monochrome vga monitors. Hurry while they last. We now have Samsung as well as Olivetti. Getting new stocks all the time. Buy them in bulk now! Get them now, Bulk Monochrome VGA Monitors while we still have them.

Samsung ML4571 monitors
(we can test but they are untested)
monochrome VGA (256 shades of gray)
14 inch
120 volts
15 pin video connectors

117 units LEFT

Olivetti DSP 2814 bulk monitors
monochrome VGA (256 shades of gray)
14 inch
120 volts
15 pin video connectors

128 units

Olivetti 25- 314 monitors
monochrome VGA (256 shades of gray)
14 inch
120 volts
15 pin video connectors

35 units

50 COMPAQ Docking Stations (for compaq laptops)
series 2885
input: 100-240volts
2 amps
video o/b
sound o/b
keyboard and mouse ps/2

For use with models: Compaq 2880x

50 DELL Docking Stations (for dell)
model: MS-1
for use with PA-1470-1 p/s
DELL p/n: 74691
2 amps
1 ps/2 mouse and keyboard
15 pin monitor connector
printer port
network port (rj45)
This sale will not last forever. They're selling like hotcakes!

  • OLIVETTI DSM 25-314/P and /H
  • 640 X 480 - 256 shades of gray
  • 120 Vac - .5 amp - 60 Hz
  • 14 inch monitors
  • 15 pin connectors
    (normal PC video connectors)

Use them for small or large businesses, for word processing, we have tested the monitors. When making inquiries about the monitors please leave your shipping address (address plus zip/postal code) so we can calculate shipping costs for you. We also have many bulk monitor deals. If you need 5000 super vga monitors, 15", 17", 19" or larger! Whatever your needs are, we can find a deal for you.

Feel free to contact us for ordering instructions or if you have any questions

We have more pictures to view, just click on the monitor above or click here to see more pictures.

In conjunction with:
Impact Zone Liquidation Center

We also have 700 feet of RJ45 network cord without ends and 2000 feet of coaxial cable for sale. Just ask us about it

Bundle 1: # of RJ45 cords: | Feet
31 cords | 44 feet long each piece
(probably more because it was bent (45'))
TOTAL feet = 1364 feet
COST Canadian: Inquire

On the cord it says ...
(Lucent - O Systimax - 1061B+ 4/24 CMR verified CUL CAT 5)

Second batch
Bundle 2:
# of RJ45 cords: | Feet
23 cords | 50 feet long each piece
(probably more because it was bent (51'))
TOTAL feet = 1150 feet
COST: Inquire

On the cord it says ...
(EPN/EPO L5 BPI-V CSA PCC FT4 4/24 75 degrees)

You pay the shipping charges and boxing.
There is no GST from this sale.

It came from an office building with networks that was converted in to a flea market. Used cable about 1 year old so in very good condition. Was inside the walls of the building walls.

We also have NEW 1000 feet of coax cable.
Belden RG-B/U Type 75 ohms coax cable
18awg solid CU covered steel
YV29891010 (BLK) 1000 FEET
YV29891010 (WHT) 1000 FEET
If you are in need of a large ongoing supply of bulk monitors, we can help you. Mention the amount, the condition, where they are to be shipped and any other requirements. Feel free to contact us for more info. More pics are here.


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