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WebSite Redesign - Revamps Website Facelifts

What is a web site facelift or redesign? What we do is take your present website, use what you have and then create a much better version with the newest scripting, coding, flash animation, graphics and CSS, that will be compatible for most browsers. Usually because you have a website built already, we can do more copying and pasting which saves you money on your redesign, because we have to do less work.

So on average, website redesigns and revamps are quite affordable and look very professional Your website will look more graphically appealing to your clients which of course means more sales or inquiries. Feel free at any time to request a website redesign in our quote section.

Here are examples of how we Revamp and Facelift your website.

Old site before before the redesign
New site after redesigning it          
before we revamped the website    Redesigning an astronomy website
Click to view the new redesign          

As you can see this website was taken from "blah" to "BANG" and increases sales. Have you ever seen a website that wasn't easy to navigate, or didn't look professional and then decided not to buy something from them? This is a great reason to revamp and redesign your website today. If you are interested in upgrading your website, feel free to request a quote at any time :)

Mountain Pursuits Website Redesign

Again here is another great example of how The Frynge goes about redesigning your website to make it look more attractive and to gather more visitors. The website before was okay, but very plain. Didn't have any pizazz! No fire, no life! After the redesign, we took it to the next level. This client didn't want the whole website redesigned, so we only did a few pages. You can definitely do the same thing depending on the budget for your project!

Old site before before the redesign
New site after redesigning it          
Click here to view Mountain Pursuits *before* the redesign    Click here to view Mountain Pursuits *after* the redesign
Click to view the new redesign          

Wamea Website Redesign - Revamps and Facelifts

What we do, is take your existing custom website and make it better (revamp it or facelift it). We can update the graphics, add a flash banner, add a flash intro, create a whole new layout AND fix errors made from your previous web designer.

We have redesigned many many websites, so why not take your website in to the new year with a bang! Go request a free no obligation web design quote from our quote department and let us know about your project.

Old site before before the redesign
New site after redesigning it          
Website before the redesign    
Click to view the new redesign          

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