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Some miscellaneous graphics and pictures. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger picture. This first picture is a Bryce Bryce Scenes 3d world. Its 3 Dimensional and it took 11 hours on a P2 350 MHz with 64 MB ram to render an animation. It took only 22 minutes to render just one picture but the actual animation has 30 frames per second and runs for 20 seconds.

The Frynge can design you a beautiful 3D logo on a scenic background. We can also animate your logo, banner with many many options. We can also break up the image. You might have noticed when you first loaded up the main web page, that the top graphic loaded it a chunk at a time.

This is for quicker loading times but using large graphics. This next picture is another Bryce 3D image. It is another 3 Dimensional land but is not rendered for animation yet. By creating some Bryce Worlds - click to zoom in scenery as shown in the right hand picture, you can then add your logo or company name, in a 3 Dimensional fashion. Your logo can rotate or we could create a "FLY-BY" of the image around your logo. Anything is possible with the Frynge.

This is called purple worlds. You can click on the image and it becomes a larger image. We can easily put your logo on the graphic and even have it rotate, although instead of using Bryce you may want to move towards a FLASH banner as they are more popular now-a-days. Bryce images are good for splash screens, head logos or front end pages.

If you want a good logo though, Bryce screens can add a nice flare to your page. You More bryce can also click on this next image and it will enlarge. This one sunset image was rendered in about 9 minutes on a P2 - 350 MHz with 192 Megs of RAM. We can create a nice scenic view with your logo in 3 dimensions and shading or just on top of the image. Bryce images are good for splash screens, opening pages and the like and we can cut it up for faster loading times. Chunk by chunk it will load up so that you can have a high graphical page but people will not have to wait to see graphics. You can check out these two designs to see this technique in action - PAGE #1 - PAGE #2


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